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We plant trees

We have been planting trees for almost 20 years. Our motto: "A tree for every new-born in Schleswig-Holstein". In this way, we contribute to making the most sparsely wooded federal state a little greener and support the state government in increasing the proportion of forest to 12 %. The forest is an important natural habitat for the preservation of biodiversity.

We plant oaks, hornbeams, aspen and checker trees. The year before last we also planted sweet chestnuts for the first time to see if this species grows well, as it is capable of withstanding the increasing climate warming. The wild apple tree, which is threatened with extinction, is also included. The edge of the forest is bordered by flowering plants for birds and bees. For us at goki, promoting the forest is a matter close to our hearts and one of our favourite events of the year.

Our forests produce biomass and oxygen from CO2 and sunlight. In this way, they bind carbon dioxide and thus help to mitigate climate change. An average beech tree removes about 3.5 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere over the course of 120 years. When trees are burned or decompose, the gas is released again. However, when wood is used sustainably, for example for furniture or toys, the CO2 remains bound.

As local recreation areas, forests are unbeatable. Peace and quiet, recharging your batteries, listening to the sounds of nature, observing animals – these are things that future generations should also be able to experience.

Sustainability also plays a major role in our production. Our European plants are either equipped with photovoltaic systems or use green electricity. We already have a climate-neutral energy balance across Europe. We are working hard to make as many of our products as possible recyclable, i.e. cradle-to-cradle, and to further reduce plastic and packaging components. Cotton products for painting, such as pencil cases, aprons or bags from goki bear the "Fairtrade" seal. By buying Fairtrade products, we all have the chance to make the world a bit fairer.

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