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Sailing boats, Peggy Diggledey

Sailing boats, Peggy Diggledey
L= 7 - 9 cm, H= 6,5 - 9 cm, cork, plastic, wood, per set The Peggy Diggledey sailing boat set is made of the natural material cork. Cork has unique floating characteristics, it is light and water repellent. The 2 boats, fitted with colourful, water-resistant sails, are ideal for playing in shallow water and should not be missing on any beach holiday.

Artikelnummer: 58503
Menge per Innenkarton: 12 Set
Menge per Umkarton: 48 Set
Verpackungsart: Faltschachtel
Gewicht (per Stück): 0,07 kg
Altersempfehlung: 3+
EAN: 4013594585033

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