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Before and After - learning game

Before and After - learning game
Before and after – an educational game with high fun and communication factor. If the snowman stands too long in the sun, he melts away. And even the youngest children will have noticed that the alarm clock drives us mercilessly out of bed in the morning and will comment accordingly.

Article number: 56779
Measurement: 5 x 5 cm
∅: 0 cm
Quantity per inner carton: 6 Stück
Quantity per shipping carton: 36 Stück
Packaging: Box with lid, glued
Weight (per piece): 0.26 kg
Number of pieces: 30
Age suitability: 5+
Material: Wood
EAN: 4013594567794
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Last update: Dec 2, 2020 at 12:48 AM