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Jumping top with wind up mechanism

Jumping top with wind up mechanism
set of 24 piece/s
"This is top fun in the truest sense! The durable, colourful metal top with foot spring is wound up and then launched from any height by pressing the trigger pin. After landing it jumps, hops and spins to the heart's delight. Diameter: 4.5 cm"

Article number: 14171
∅: 4.5 cm
Sales unit: 8 assorted
24er Set
Quantity per shipping carton: 288 Stück
Packaging: Folded box
Weight (per piece): 0.031 kg
Age suitability: 4+
Material: Metal
Origin: Made in Germany
EAN: 4013594141710
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Last update: Oct 20, 2020 at 12:37 AM