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Flood disaster in Romania claims at least three lives

Flood disaster in Romania claims at least three lives

Generally overlooked by the media, a natural disaster took place in western Romania, north-western Croatia and eastern Serbia on 15/16 September. The heaviest rainfall in living memory turned streams into raging torrents, destroying and washing away streets and bridges in their path.

goki toy factory almost completed destroyed

In Eselnita (Romania) the once-in-a-millennium floods claimed three lives. 110 litres of rain fell on each square metre per hour. The torrential rain lasted for more than two days. Within six hours, water levels had risen by four metres. Restoring the public infrastructure will take many years.

This is where we manufacture high-quality toys, including the goki nature series and doll's beds. Ironically, the large Noah's Ark from Holztiger was also standing in the warehouse ready for dispatch.

Outside in the meantime, the rivulet that had become a raging torrent was preparing to undermine one of our two production halls and to bring down the outer walls with huge water masses and trees that had been washed down from the surrounding mountains.

Goki helps Romanian colleagues

Our colleagues had never experienced such severe weather. They had to watch as the hall was completely engulfed by the floods. Machinery, equipment and wood supplies were swept away and in some cases never found again. This included a four-sided planer weighing two tons.

The same day, colleagues from our company headquarters in Güster spontaneously and voluntarily set off to help the colleagues, neighbours and town residents. Philipp Kiesel and Daniel Rohbeck very quickly put together relief supplies, emergency materials and food for the people, some of whom had spent days in the open without electricity or shelter. The company immediately set up a fund from which affected employees could receive unbureaucratic financial support to rebuild their private existence. They will not be required to repay this aid.

In autumn and Christmas business you are unlikely to experience any delivery bottlenecks due to this flood disaster because we had already obtained sufficient quantities of most products from our Romanian plant in good time.

To ensure that we can also avoid longer delivery shortages in the coming year we are at the same time looking for suitable vacant production buildings in which our Romanian colleagues can produce without work stoppages.

You can see further pictures of the flood disaster at our website www.goki.eu.



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