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German Brand Award: goki-nature honoured for brand management

German Brand Award: goki-nature honoured for brand management

The toy brand "goki-nature" meets consumer demand for non-hazardous and untreated wooden toys. The brand of the toy manufacturer Gollnest & Kiesel has now received the German Brand Award for successful brand management. The initiator of the competition for groundbreaking brand makers is the German Design Council. The recipients are innovative brands, consistent brand management and sustainable brand communication. "goki-nature" has been honoured as a "Winner".

"The series "goki-nature" takes account of the consumer desire for untreated wooden toys," says Melina Koll, product developer at Gollnest & Kiesel. Last year, a wheel loader from the "goki-nature" family received the German Design Award. In 2013, 200 Building Blocks were named toy of the year in the category "For artists and architects", for which the goki-nature toy received the coveted audience award "the Golden Rocking Horse" from the magazine Familie & Co.

The German Brand Award is organised with the German Design Council, which was established in 1953 by the German Bundestag and endowed by the Federation of German Industry. "The German Brand Award is the first competition to cover all the disciplines of modern brand management and thus adequately take account of the complexity of brand management and the vital role of the brand for a company's success," explains Andrej Kupetz, General Manager of the German Design Council.

goki is the brand for traditional toys with child-oriented play value and loving, functional design in contemporary colours. goki-nature uses natural, simply designed wooden toys from local forests. It combines the high demands of parents for safe and highly educational toys with corporate responsibility for safety and environmental protection. Every year, goki donates a new public forest to Germany's least wooded federal state, Schleswig-Holstein.

Gollnest & Kiesel

Gollnest & Kiesel is Europe's innovative manufacturer of wooden toys and the largest toy company in northern Germany. Its brands HEIMESS (baby toys made of wood and high-quality plastic, made in Germany), goki, HOLZTIGER  and ANKER Stone Building Sets are well known in the toy and gift trade. The company was founded 35 years ago by its two managing directors. The HEIMESS brand has existed for 60 years, and ANKER Steinbaukasten GmbH in Rudolstadt can trace its history back 135 years. More than 2,000 different products form one of the most widely varied ranges anywhere in the toy industry.

"We produce toys for children's hands, heads and souls," says Gerhard Gollnest. Over 600 Gollnest & Kiesel employees worldwide are busy transforming a thousand new ideas into a thousand living colours.


    55910_Radlader: The international jury explains its decision in favour of the goki toy as follows: "This functioning wheel loader for children aged two and over is made of untreated beech wood and ergonomically shaped for children's hands. The varying colouration of the wood is achieved using a gentle thermal treatment. A great toy that is also extremely rugged and thanks to the renewable resource wood also very sustainable, as well as supporting natural play," is the jury's opinion as expressed by Prof. Stefan Diez (Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design), Nicolette Naumann (Tendence Frankfurt) and Silvia Olp (I just prefer "quest for quality " to "saving is sexy").

The wheel loader also meets high aesthetic demands. Silvia Mathwig designed the wheel loader for goki. "Design is the art of combining styling with functionality. With children's toys that means making products a sensory experience," says Mathwig, explaining her work as a designer in the toy company.

56686_Kubb: Play chess like the Vikings: Kubb is a communicative game for two teams and is played outdoors on the beach or in the park. Top quality and natural wood.

58563_200_Bausteine: 200 building blocks made of untreated beech wood form a building set in the new "goki-nature" series, which caters for the consumers' desire for untreated wooden toys. It is quite astounding how many completely different structures can be made using the building blocks which all have the same dimensions. The 200 "goki-nature" building blocks are nominated in the category "For artists and architects". They promote the children's creativity and imagination of children in particular due to the greatly reduced design and the complete absence of colours.

Logo_Brand_Award_GBA16_HO_WINNER_4C.eps: Vector graphic of the Brand Award logo, portrait

Logo_Brand_Award_GBA16_VE_WINNER_4C.eps: Vector graphic of the Brand Award logo, landscape

Logo_goki_nature.eps: Vector graphic of the goki-nature logo

Logo_Design_AwardGDA16_HO_SPECIAL_4C.eps: Vector graphic of the Design Award logo, portrait

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