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Goki donates a new forest near Ahrensbök to Schleswig-Holstein

Goki donates a new forest near Ahrensbök to Schleswig-Holstein

On 1 December, children from the Arnesboken School planted the first of the 25,000 cuttings that will establish a new woodland area in the Ahrensbök forest in the east of Schleswig-Holstein. 25,000 trees – one for each newborn child in Schleswig-Holstein in 2016. Schleswig-Holstein is Germany's least wooded federal state and thirteen years ago the toy company Gollnest & Kiesel (goki) decided to help to increase the forest share.

District forester Jörn Siemens has planned mainly common oaks and common alders for the area, and common hornbeams and a few horse chestnut, apple, pear and walnut trees are also being planted. Jörn Siemens is pleased: "At last, new woodland is also being created in my forestry area."

Julia Paravicini from the state forestry authority acknowledges the commitment of the wooden toy manufacturer as being highly sustainable. "We need a lot more civic commitment for the forest in our state," says Gerhard Gollnest, Managing Director of the toy company Gollnest & Kiesel, based in Güster in the Duchy of Lauenburg. His partner Fritz-Rüdiger Kiesel adds: "The state will not be able to fulfil its goal of raising the forest share to twelve percent so quickly on its own." Minister-President Torsten Albig also highlighted this goal in his greeting message. Gollnest & Kiesel has "now gifted more than 300,000 trees to the state, and I thank you very much. We need entrepreneurs who think and act globally and who are lastingly rooted in Schleswig-Holstein. For the development of our state, for our common future, and for the future of our children."

Oak, alder and hornbeam

The Schleswig-Holstein state forestry authority has provided an area for the new woodland near Ahrensbök. Oak, alder and beech trees as well as some native shrubs and a few old fruit tree varieties are to be planted here.

With a forest share of only 11 percent, Schleswig-Holstein is the least wooded non-city state in Germany. Increasing the forest share to at least 12 percent is a task for generations.

The forest is an important natural habitat, a valuable natural legacy and an indispensable resource for humanity. The forest shapes entire landscapes; it is home to countless animals and plants; it protects the climate, the water and the soil.

The forest warms and clothes us, protecting us from cold and heat. As paper it carries and preserves information. We live in wooden buildings or under wooden roof timbers; we enjoy a home and garden culture which is "wooden" in many ways (tables, beds, chairs, windows, doors, cupboards, open fireplaces, etc.). Wood is a part of human history, and toys made of wood enable children to become part of this culture.

Besides increasing forestry, important ecological goals are realised. CO2 is bound by forest growth as well as the use of wood as material, e.g. for construction. This is a precautionary aspect for the future of our children.

Sandra Redmann, member of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament, is also chairwoman of the Nature Conservation Foundation and helped the children to plant the trees. "As often as possible, I am present at forest foundations," she says, "because I consider this initiative to be very important." Mayor Andreas A. Zimmermann (Ahrensbök) was pleased, as was Jens Johannsen from the Greens in the district assembly of Ostholstein. Hilbert Neumann represented the SPD parliamentary group and state director Ole Eggers was present on behalf of B.U.N.D. (Friends of the Earth Germany).

"People also need intact local recreation areas for their own regeneration. Wood is a wonderfully warm material, easy to work with and serves humanity in countless everyday tasks. Wood is a piece of human history," explain the owners of the renowned toy company, who were also accompanied at the event by the new CCO Frank Jungclaus. Next year they once again want to commit themselves to a piece of new forest.

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