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Here comes Peggy Diggledey

Here comes Peggy Diggledey

Outgoing, cheeky and cheerful – and unmistakable.

Peggy Diggledey lives with her friends and parents on a small island in the north. The island really exists. And it's almost real, too.

Peggy's great, great, great grandfather was a famous pirate. One of the good ones, it is said on the island, and Peggy is firmly convinced that this is true. There are also rumours of fabled treasure that is hidden somewhere on the island, but no one has ever seen it.

Peggy Diggledey is now 6 years old. The good pirate blood of her ancestors flows in her veins. She has no supernatural powers – but she can climb trees and jump on to fishing boats, she is full of enthusiasm and she can captivate people.

Peggy's constant companion is a shaggy dog called Klabauter. Pelle the parrot has long been part of the family and can say such wonderful words as "scumbag" or "stinker". Peggy can speak Low German and also knows one or two coarse expressions.

At the publishing company Oetinger they found the story so exciting that the read-aloud publisher Ellermann is bringing out three books about Peggy and her friends in January 2016.

Peggy Diggledey is the new series for girls who are not above getting the occasional scratch when romping around and playing.



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