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Nominated for major award: Weights memory game from goki

Nominated for major award: Weights memory game from goki

Not so easy for small children, and even adults often fail to guess the weights correctly. goki, the wooden toy specialist, has developed a memory game in which children have to find two identical weights. This is by no means easy and has now been proposed to the readers of "Eltern" magazine for this year's "Consumer Award".

Consumer Award in four categories

The Consumer Award of "Eltern" magazine is presented jointly with the family platform urbia.de in four categories for "great new products for children". Ten products have been nominated for the award in each of the categories "On the move", "Making everyday life easier", "Having fun" and "Design in the nursery". The editors have nominated the goki memory game Weights in the category "Having fun".

Fun to play and fosters the sensory skills

In the unique memory game, players find two hollow wooden objects of the same weight. Like all memory games, this game is great fun to play and at the same time the child's sensory skills are fostered actively and sustainably. The game fosters more sensitive perception.

Imagination and creativity

Anyone can take part in the vote for the most award-worthy products. At www.eltern.de/abstimmen and www.urbia.de/votings/consumer-award-2015  people have until 17 July 2015 to vote for their favourites. There are also valuable prizes to be won.

Gollnest & Kiesel

Gollnest & Kiesel KG is Europe's innovative manufacturer of wooden toys and the largest toy company in northern Germany. Its brands HEIMESS (baby toys made of wood and high-quality plastic, made in Germany), goki, HOLZTIGER  and ANKER Stone Building Sets are well known in the toy and gift trade. The company was founded 34 years ago by its two owners. The HEIMESS brand has existed for over nearly 60 years, and ANKER Steinbaukasten GmbH in Rudolstadt can trace its history back over 130 years. More than 2,000 different products form one of the most widely varied ranges anywhere in the toy industry.



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