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Ten years of Schleswig-Holstein state forests: Goki plants a tree for every newborn child!

Ten years of Schleswig-Holstein state forests: Goki plants a tree for every newborn child!

To mark the tenth anniversary of the state forests, the wooden toy manufacturer Gollnest & Kiesel has donated a further 25,000 trees for a new forest in Schleswig-Holstein.  In this way, a new tree is planted every year for each newborn child in Germany's northernmost state.

On Wednesday, April 18, the state forests planted the anniversary forest together with Prime Minister Daniel Günther and numerous guests and partners. A total of 9,900 trees were planted on the anniversary area of the Schierenwald Forestry, donated by Gollnest & Kiesel, the wooden toy manufacturer from Güster, Lauenburg, which has been a partner to the state forests for many years. For this campaign goki even founded its own toy brand "Peggy Diggledey", with which the company does not seek to make a profit. The children from the day care centre also helped to plant the trees. 4,400 common oaks, 3,000 copper beeches and 1,600 Douglas firs were planted in the area. In the future, hornbeams, winter lime trees, wild cherry trees, hazels, wild rose bushes, blackthorn and hawthorn will form the edge of the forest. Another 15,000 trees are being planted on two further areas in the Eckernförde and Bad Segeberg districts.

"In 10 years of Schleswig-Holstein state forests we have achieved a great deal. We have experienced and mastered truly stormy times, have naturally also experienced setbacks and have grown with the challenges", Tim Scherer, Director of Schleswig-Holstein State Forests summed up in his ceremonial address. "We have a duty to make people in Schleswig-Holstein aware of the importance of the forest – as a place for recreation, as a habitat for animals and plants, as a climate protector and as a sustainable production site for wood as an important and environmentally friendly raw material."

"People also need intact local recreation areas for their own regeneration. Wood is a wonderfully warm material, it is easy to process and serves people in countless daily tasks. Wood is a part of human history, and toys made of wood enable children to become part of this culture," explains Fritz-Rüdiger Kiesel and thanks the state forests for their many years of partnership.

In addition to forestation, important ecological goals are being implemented. CO² is bound by forest growth and material recycling, for example as construction timber. This aspect helps to provide for the future of our children.

Gollnest & Kiesel is Europe's innovative manufacturer of wooden toys and the largest toy company in northern Germany. Its brands HEIMESS (baby toys made of wood and high-quality plastic, made in Germany), goki and HOLZTIGER  are well known in the toy and gift trade. The company was founded 37 years ago by Gerhard Gollnest and Fritz-Rüdiger Kiesel. More than 2,000 different products form one of the most widely varied ranges anywhere in the toy industry.

"We produce toys for children's hands, heads and souls," says Gerhard Gollnest. Over 500 Gollnest & Kiesel employees worldwide are busy making the world a bit more colourful every day.

Gollnest & Kiesel places a very special emphasis on forestation. "Whoever takes something from nature must give something back to it," believes Fritz-Rüdiger Kiesel. Gollnest & Kiesel donates a new forest every year to Germany's least wooded state, Schleswig-Holstein. In this way, 400,000 new beech, maple and oak trees have been planted over the past 14 years.

Another highlight was the ceremonial stone unveiling. The state forests want to set an example for the forest with the anniversary forest. "We look forward to continuing to work with our partners, such as Gollnest & Kiesel, planting the forests of tomorrow and thereby making an important contribution to forest growth in our sparsely wooded state. Together with our employees, we are standing up for the forest in Schleswig-Holstein," says Tim Scherer.


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