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Calculate sticks, glazed

Calculate sticks, glazed
For most people, getting into the world of addition and subtraction is anything but easy. At first, the abstract world of the numbers appears to be enigmatic and incomprehensible. With this 100-piece calculation aid, calculation processes can be grasped in the truest sense and, above all, they can be seen. A basic understanding of the world of numbers is created playfully in a simple, intuitive way. Everyone deserves to have this help at the beginning!

Article number: 58626
Measurement: 27.5 x 27.5 x 11 cm
∅: 0 cm
Quantity per inner carton: 1 Stück
Quantity per shipping carton: 3 Stück
Packaging: Box with lid, glued, shrink wrapped
Weight (per piece): 3.7 kg
Number of pieces: 100
Age suitability: 4+
Material: Wood
EAN: 4013594586269
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Last update: Jul 30, 2021 at 12:27 AM