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6 month and older

6 months and older

Toys from age six months

Your child can sit up unsupported, explore things visually, distinguish your facial expressions, It is becoming more and more mobile, starts to crawl and can soon stand up with assistance. Exploring cause and effect is very exciting. Your gaze and your pointing finger are followed. You should talk to your child a lot, naming objects, as your child's passive vocabulary grows enormously in this time. Because your child understands that objects are still present even if they are not visible and tangible, it gets a lot of pleasure from making hidden grasping toys or other toys reappear.
Support your child with a grasping and playing trainer that stimulates crawling and grasping. When looking at a picture book together your child will understand its first words. Mobiles, grasping toys, mini-trapezes remain the toys of choice.

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