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Everything that a child could 
dream for

It doesn’t take much to stimulate a child’s imagination:  a doll, a few building bricks or toy cars – and they are already in their own world, as a doll’s mother, building expert or traffic policeman.

Our extensive product range including more than 2000 articles has for decades been offering proven classic toys with a modern look – in up to date colours and with the highest standards of material quality and safety.

This makes children’s hearts beat faster!



An overview of all products

Baby articles

Baby toys made of wood are essential for the basic development of sense perception (hearing, seeing, touching), for motor development and for promoting coordination. They provide a feeling of warmth and security and are always pleasing to the touch.more »

Dolls and cuddly toys

Bendy doll families, dress-up dolls, puppets or just a soft toy to cuddle and love…more »

Everything for dolls

These are sure to make the eyes of the doll's mummy light up. Horse stables, doll's houses with matching furniture, shops with all the accessories and everything a doll's mummy could wish for.

more »

Mobiles and swinging figures

Mobiles belong in every child's room. goki mobiles are child-friendly, colourful and even three-dimensional.more »

Everything in motion

It's all on the move! Jumping jacks, spinning tops, wooden figures, wooden cars, wooden trains, pull-along animals, push-along animals, pedal cars, push-along cars.

more »


Because playing games makes children happy. Memory and traditional games, balancing games, stacking games, angling games, board games.


more »


Everyone enjoys doing puzzles. At the same time, children learn how to focus their concentration on solving a problem and how to develop logical thought. From simple insertion puzzles to multi-level puzzles. Probably Europe's largest selection of wooden puzzles.


more »

Building, painting, learning

Toys for creative building, painting and learning are educationally valuable and necessary. goki has peg games, hammering benches, building sets, workbenches, sorting games and much more besides.


more »

Gift items

and decoration articles for children's birthdays and for decorating children's rooms.


more »

Toys for outdoors

In the summer, you can go swimming, lie in the sun on the beach or play KUBB. The KUBB games from goki carry the "spiel gut" recommendation.


more »

Small toys

Small toys can provide a lot of pleasure. Bouncy balls, magnifying glasses for nature watching, yo-yos, small games for nimble-fingered children …


more »

Musical instruments

Musical instruments for children are not "kids' stuff". They introduce children to music and to valuable instruments


more »

Die-cast metal vehicles

True to the original models for accurate playing.more »

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