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Helpful answers to your questions


Which paint is used for HEIMESS baby toys? 

When you purchase HEIMESS baby toys you receive quality products which, in keeping with a long tradition, continue to be manufactured completely in Germany. No HEIMESS product is released for sale which has not previously been inspected thoroughly in our own laboratory to ensure that it is safe for babies. Every HEIMESS toy complies with the strict European standard EN 71 for toy safety. In many cases the requirements are exceeded. The mechanical inspections are supplemented by repeated chemical tests in authorised institutes. 
For HEIMESS toys we use water-based paints. When the water has evaporated the paints harden and are completely safe for children. Resistance to spittle and sweat are tested and not until this test has also been passed successfully is a product released for sale. 
As a result of intense insalivation, a baby's first teeth or food debris, paint can become detached, but this poses absolutely no health risk thanks to the general non-toxicity of the paints used. 
The wooden parts are wet-sanded, and after drying a primer and the colour required are applied gradually in an extended process. We use food-safe, absolutely non-toxic products. A further drying process is followed by the finish, i.e. the careful sealing and polishing of the surface. 


A defective toy – what do you do?

Every year we supply around 20 million toys to our customers via specialised dealers. In spite of the great care taken, there will be cause for complaint in isolated cases. Please speak to the dealer from whom you purchased the defective product. He will then help you. 

If you received the toy as a gift or if the dealer cannot be reached for other reasons, contact us at info@goki.eu. Please give us the article description, article number, the reason for your complaint, date of purchase and, very importantly, your postal address, so that we can process your complaint as quickly as possible.

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