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Parent's Guide

Parent's Guide

Which toys are appropriate for which age?

Playing is very important and indispensable for the development of our children. It is necessary for them to explore and grasp the world, to deal with it creatively and to learn rules for life in society.
Playing is an exciting activity that provides new impressions and is obviously extremely efficient.
For which age is the new toy intended, what is the play value of the toy – these thoughts and questions always take priority when new products are developed at Gollnest & Kiesel. Parents, educators and toy manufacturers bear joint responsibility for the development of our children. We are delighted when you allow us to share in your experiences with children.
"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious," wrote Albert Einstein in a letter to the author Carl Seelig. We want our children to be able to satisfy their great curiosity for the world around them with our toys in an age-appropriate manner. The following guidelines provide you with a brief overview of the age and development levels for which we consider our toys to be particularly suitable. Naturally, the overview is not complete, nor does it correspond to the individual development of your child. That is something you can assess far better yourself and your children will certainly leave you in no doubt as to which toys they consider appropriate for them.

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