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Wood more hygienic than plastic!

A study carried out by Professor Bearden from the US State University of Georgia discovered that viruses stay alive on plastic toys for a surprisingly long time. "People think that viruses are only transmitted from one person to the next. Children are particularly susceptible to catching infectious diseases, as they constantly take their hands and objects in their mouths. In addition to that, their immune system is not fully developed yet. "

Plastic toys are more germ-laden than wooden toys. Wood has antibacterial substances that make it more hygienic and cause a kind of self-cleaning process even when heavily soiled.

Wooden toys are especially recommended for children's hospitals, doctors' offices or day-care centres.

Der Originalbeitrag "Survival of an Enveloped Virus on Toys" von Richard Bearden und Lisa Casanova ist im Mai 2016 erschienen im "The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal."



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