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Building – playing – learning Anker Stones bring out the best in children!

The Fröbel Gifts were the origins of the oldest system toy in the world. According to scientists and educators, Anker Stones noticeably foster children's concentration, imagination and creativity. The Anker Stones are held in place by gravity and their own weight. No gluing, pasting or pegging. Now the ANKER Junior boxes have been released.

The boxes are a specific response to the changed playing habits of children. An ANKER Junior building set costs no more than a box of good wooden building blocks.

Anker Stones foster children's abilities: Scientists at the University conducted research into the educational significance of Anker Stones in a long-term study of the construction game and established that Anker Stones are particularly suited to discovering and fostering children's potential.

Anker Stones make you clever – well, at least they play a part in specifically fostering children's abilities. The building bricks help children to concentrate expressly on a task and solving problems. This makes the stones unique and astonishingly it also works with children who suffer from the ADHD syndrome.

Albert Einstein professed to having developed his scientific curiosity with Anker Stones. Walter Gropius discovered his desire for design, Erich Kästner played with the bricks and Bill Clinton thinks they are "just great". Anker Stones have been manufactured in Rudolstadt using purely natural materials for over 130 years.

(If you would like to use some of our pictures, these are available free of charge. Picture credits: goki. Please send us a sample copy or a publication notice. Thank you!)

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