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the first 6 month

The first 6 months

Toys for the first six months

Your child is born into a completely new, strange world. It now needs security and affection. It will begin to turn its head towards sounds and movements. Mobiles, clip figures, mini-trapezes and pram chains provide your baby with orientation when they are installed in a fixed place.
Your baby will take in its first acoustic stimuli gratefully and attentively. Rattles and grasping toys support the development of hearing, seeing, feeling. Your child will grasp objects you put in its hand and also, after a few weeks, move them deliberately from one hand to the other. 
So much has to be comprehended. Every object is moved, familiar things are recognised. Familiar sounds and shapes cause pleasure.
Wooden toys are already indispensable in this early phase because wood is a warm material that is more closely linked to the history of mankind than any other.

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